Monday, 9 March 2015

Stylish Headband Knitting Pattern

I'm so happy to share with you my free 'Stylish Headband' knitting pattern. It's really easy to make. I spend one day making this headband. You can simply adjust the lenght by knitting more rows.

I'm very pleased with review from :

''If you're looking for a stylish, contemporary look for any occasion, look not further than this Fashionably Twisted Knit Headband. Free knitting patterns just don't come this fashionable. Most importantly, this knit headband pattern takes only one skein of yarn, which is less than most knitting patterns. Free and cheap, what more could you want? It even features glamorous gem-like buttons as a lovely accent. It's so pretty, even your stubborn teen will wear it. Follow these easy instructions to learn how to knit a headband you'll wear time and time again.''

Stylish headband Knitting Pattern
What will you need:
1 ball yarn DK (8 ply) (50 g.), 113 metres. White.
Knitting Needles:  4 mm [US 6].
Tension Gauge: 22 st = 10 cm [4’’], 30 rows 10 cm [4’’]

Headband measurement:
Length - 46 cm /18’’, 

Let’s start

Cast on 29 sts on needle size 4 mm / US 6. Work PATTERN  back and forth on needle - see explanation below. Bind off when piece measures approx 18“. 

RS – Right side
WS – Wrong side

Row 1 (= RS):
*K into back loop of 2nd st on left needle, then K into 1st st on left needle, then drop these 2 sts from left needle,  repeat from *-* across until 1 sts rem on row, K1.

Row 2  (= WS): *P into front loop of 2nd st on left needle, then P into 1st st on left needle, then drop these 2 sts from from left needle, repeat from *-* across until 1 sts rem on row, P1.

Those two rows creates Basket weave pattern.

Repeat those 2 rows until 14 cm / 5.5“. Last row – back side.

Then you need to devide 29 sts into 3 parts. First  - 11 sts., second – 7 sts.,  third – 11 sts. Knit each part separetely 12 rows , the same pattern (basket weave) for first and third.

Pattern for middle stripe: 
Row 1 (= RS): K1, K into back loop of 2nd st on left needle, then K into 1st st on left needle, then drop these 2 sts from left needle, repeat from *-*.
Row 2 (= WS): P 1, *P into front loop of 2nd st on left needle, then P into 1st st on left needle, then drop these 2 sts from from left needle, repeat from *-*. 

Twist stripes as shown in the picture.  Then knit all together 8 rows. (The same basket wave stitch)
 Start in right side.
Stylish headband Knitting Pattern

Stylish headband Knitting Pattern

Repeat this section again: devide 29 sts into 3 parts. First -  11 sts., second – 7 sts.,  third – 11 sts. Knit each separetely 12 rows, the same pattern for first and third (basket weave), middle stripe is different (as before, look above: 'Pattern for middle stripe'). Twist stripes as before.

Knit the same pattern (basket weave) when piece measures approx 18“.  Sew the ends together. Sew buttons. All done. Happy wearing!!!
Back side:

Right side:
Stylish headband Knitting Pattern
P.S After reading your comments, I decided to create  knitting tutorial video, how to knit basket wave stitch.  Hope it helps. >


  1. very good idea.Love it!

  2. I am an experienced knitter and I love the look of this headband, however. I cannot make the pattern work. How do you drop the 2 stitches and leave on one on the needle. I just gave up and found another pattern, however, if there is something you can provide to clarify, I would love to make this item.

  3. Maybe you didn't knit basket weave before? I don't leave just one sts on the needle, WHEN ONE STS LEFT, YOU NEED TO KNIT OR PURL THIS STS (ACCORDING TO PATTERN). I would sudgest to watch a video then: I hope it helps :) Happy knitting ! :)

  4. OK, so this is a basket weave stitch. I will google it and will let you know how it goes Thank you.

  5. Anonymus, if you are experienced knitter you should already know basket weave stitch :). I'm designer myself and those shallow comments are quite offensive. Thank you 3 rabbits for sharing free pattern.

  6. Basket weave stitch is easy - I know how to do that - I don't use it much because I don't care for the look - this pattern does not indicate that it is a basket weave - the directions are not that clear. I truly apologize if you think my comments are shallow - that was not my intention at all - I was only asking for help because I really like the look of this item and I find it frustrating when I can't figure out how to do something. Again truly apologetic for any comments that were offensive to anyone. Not even sure what you found offensive, but again sorry for any perception that has been taken - have a great day!

  7. HI there, Anonymus. I don't know Linda, who wrote the comment about your comment :) . I'm happy when people write honest comments, then I can learn from my mistakes and next time do better. Anyway, thank you liking my headband and tour opinion. Have a good day!

  8. Thank you very much - I am still working on making this and when I get it done, I will try to post a photo. Love the design and feel confident I am going to get it figured out.

  9. Love your pattern!

  10. It's not really a basket weave stitch, more like a 2-stitch cable: On wrong side, purl into 2nd stitch on left needle, then purl into 1st stitch, drop both off left needle; continue across the row, ending purl 1. On right side, knit into back of 2nd stitch on left needle, then knit into 1st stitch, drop both stitches off left needle; continue across the row, ending knit 1. This will produce a criss-cross pattern in your fabric. I think the instructions were simply difficult to follow if you have never done this stitch before.

  11. Paulathank you very much now that you have clarified it for me I understand and I very happy that I can sit down and make this really cool headband thanks again for taking the time to respond

  12. Not sure how you can classify this as "easy." I knit a LOT and I can't understand the directions at all

  13. Thank you for sharing. Amazing design. My daughter loves it. Really easy to make, just looks complicated.

  14. Thank you!!! I just finished this gorgeous headband in grey. Would like to show a picture, but there is no option to upload it. Anyway thanks a lot!

  15. After splitting the stitches in the middle you say to repeat from ** but there is no ** mark to start from what am I missing

  16. Very, very beautiful pattern.I have the stitch ,but how to design
    it is very nice.Thank you Millions. Saskatoon,CANADA.Jewels T.

  17. The stitch I believe is a summer Lace stitch. Go to GOOGLE.Abit tricky
    but easy. Jewels T. Canada

  18. I am not an experienced knitter but I understand the pattern very clearly, thank you for such a beautiful headband, I am starting one now.